Have a burning question? We may just have an answer.

I ordered but my item isn’t out of stock and it’s taken a while, can you tell me why?

With the physical shop, sometimes things sell in shop before we have a chance to update inventory on the website. If that happens, we still need to make the item from scratch.

Please note that due to COVID-19 and ongoing supply chain and ingredient shortages, wait times can be affected. Especially involving surfactants and citric acid. We do our best to order ahead of time but lead times can still be abnormally long. 

I ordered an item but the item was refunded and not sent to me?

If one of the items was discontinued (such as a seasonal item) and the stock count was off, we may refund that item in the order to ship it out faster.

I really want to use your products but I have -insert allergy here-. Can you make it without -insert ingredient- for me?

While I can’t 100% promise I can do this, we make every effort to make ingredient substitutions where we can. Most every single product can be modified to suit your needs for allergies and we are happy to make scentless options as well if you need. Some ingredients are integral to the integrity of a product, but if that’s the case, I will let you know. It never hurts to ask and we’re happy to help!

So you make customs of all your products?

Yes. We will offer customs of anything we sell in terms of fragrance or flavor and color/design. The custom form on the custom page is undergoing updates, but until then if it’s not a bath bomb you want custom of, you can send a request to orders@popfizzion.com and we’ll see if we can do it for you and give you a quote!

When will you be making -Insert character here-?

We understand that everyone has their favorite characters – after all, that’s why we created this company! – However, please understand that we cannot give an estimate on timeframe for releasing new characters. A lot goes in to the design phase, and we never like to announce unless we have it done. If you’ve got a character/fandom that you just have to have done, we do offer the option of custom bath bombs. If you would like a price/time quote on a set of custom bath bombs, please send contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you do -insert event here-?

YEP! Whether it’s gender reveal, wedding showers, birthdays – we can do it. Just give us at least 3 weeks notice so we can make sure to get it done on time!

What does “Available On Backorder” mean?

This means that we do not have that item ready to ship and have to make it on demand. On demand are made in batches and can take up to 2 weeks to complete, depending on the item in question. Please refer to the “Lead Times” banner at the bottom of the site for updated time tables. If you would like to order both backordered and ready to ship items and need certain items before others, it might be best to make a separate order with ready to ship items to get the rest of your order faster.

Why would it take so long to make/ship?

We only have one person hand making the bath bombs, and quality is our priority. We do not want to rush your items!

Why does my bath bomb differ from what’s pictured?

Our bath bombs are all hand mixed, made, and pressed. Because of that there will be minor variations in color and design. This will not affect the product’s use.

Can I crack the bath bomb in half and use it for two baths?

Yes, unless it’s a bath bomb that has a prize inside or has multiple layers. Doing so with those kind of bath bombs will ruin the surprise and also may not break cleanly. I mean, you can, but it’s not recommended.

Do you use essential oils in your bath bombs?

We understand that they can be harsh on skin and so in order to have the best experience for the most people possible, we refrain from using essential oils. Instead, we use cosmetic grade fragrance oils.

So these are safe for sensitive skin?

We have tested with a large group of people who have sensitive skin and have had no reactions. Our CEO has extremely sensitive skin and can use them with no issue whatsoever. That being said, if you believe you may have a reaction, please try our product on a smaller part of your body! If you have an allergic reaction, please discontinue use.

Are they considered hypoallergenic, then?

No, but they are as close as we feel we can get. We do not use any oils from common allergens (Tree nuts, coconut, peanut, etc), avoid essential oils, and do not use sulfates. We also do custom bath bomb requests where we can leave out the SLSA if that is a problem as it is derived from coconut (though it is not common to be allergic to the derivatives, and several of our testers have severe coconut allergies).

What do you mean derived from coconut? You say you’re coconut oil free?

Yes, we are! We do not have coconut oil anywhere in the facility. However, just about any surfactant available is derived from the plant. This similarities of the two products end about there. Typically what causes the allergy response are the different proteins in the coconut oil. During the extensive process to be transformed into a surfactant, proteins are destroyed or chemically changed. It is unlikely that the allergens survive this process but it is possible to still be sensitive to the surfactant. This will usually happen in extreme allergy cases. If you have a severe allergy, we recommend spot-testing the product to make sure that it will not affect you and to discontinue use if it does. None of our testers, including a severely allergic person, had a reaction reported but that does not mean it is impossible.

Are these safe to use for children?

Yes, they are safe for children.

Are your products cruelty free/vegan?

Yes, our ingredients are all ethically sourced and vegan, unless otherwise stated.

How long do they take to dissolve?

Each character can be affected by the different ratios we use for them, and obviously size plays a role. Small ones usually take between 2-6 minutes to dissolve, depending on the hard/softness of your water.

Does the water need to be hot?

Our regular bath bombs will work in cold or hot water. Hot water will allow the fragrance to carry/fill the room better, however.

Do they stain your tub?

They should not stain the tub, no. They may leave a ring of color and/or residue, but it typically rinses away fairly easily. This especially happens with blue and if there is soap scum in the tub.

What is your refund/return policy?

We do not accept returns on bath bombs unless we have made a mistake with your order, in which case we will send you a replacement and you can keep the bath bomb we sent you by mistake.

But what if my bath bomb has cracked?

Luckily, if a bath bomb cracks, you are still able to use it – and sometimes multiple times! Because of the delicate nature of the product and the fact it can still be used, we will not accept refunds/returns on a broken bomb.

I cannot complete my order.

In case you’re experiencing some kinds of technical issues when submitting your order please don’t worry. Our website is completely secure so any details you’re worried about will be protected. In the meantime, you can contact our customer services who will be more than happy to complete your order for you. Just contact us at: orders@popfizzion.com