A Letter to my customers

Hello friends,
It’s been abnormally quiet around here, and for that I apologize. We don’t talk about mental health enough in society, and the truth is that I’ve been struggling something fierce and have found it hard to be motivated.
I have orders that I need to send out, and every time I look at the list of what to do, anxiety creeps up. I started a new medication, and had complications with that medication, and have had to stop it cold turkey. Anyone familiar with SSRIs will understand when I say that it’s been incredibly hard.
Because of this, it would be irresponsible for me to keep the shop open and force my loyal customers to be even more patient than they already have been. So I will be temporarily closing the shop until I can get my head on straight and get a decent stock made up again. This means our Pride will be turning into Wrath and carrying on through multiple months instead of just June. This will also give me the opportunity to prep for our busiest season – Spooky Season – and work on our new releases that I’ve been plotting for a while without stress.
I will be refunding the current orders that I don’t already have the items already ready to go for, with a coupon for a discount for when we reopen. It’s my hope that I have garnered no ill will towards any of you with the delays.
The orders that I have stock for will be packed over the weekend, and those orders that have been waiting a while will have extras in there to make up for the delay.
Again, I am so sorry. I have been struggling, and instead of owning it and being honest, I have been ashamed of my inaction and avoiding. We need to be able to have open and honest discussions about mental health. It is an essential part of self care, and while I push self care on others, it is easy to forget that I owe it to myself as well.
Thank you for your support and patience. I wouldn’t be anywhere without my customers and my friends, and I hope you know how much you all mean to me.
I will be posting photo updates and previews as I work through new items in our Facebook group. I love seeing activity in the group, talking about things you love and things you’d like to see. During this down time, if you want to start discussions and give suggestions in the group, it would certainly brighten my day to see my community active.
You are not just customers, not just a number, but you are my community and I appreciate you all so much.
Hoping for understanding and grace,


If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to me at lai@popfizzion.com and I will do my best to answer them in a timely manner.

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Happy Customers

"I HIGHLY recommend Pop Fizzion. I've ordered from them several times and their products are high quality with innovative ideas and scents. Their apple vanilla chai bath bomb is my favorite product so far. Not only do their products speak for how great of a business Pop Fizzion is, but they also stand up for what is right. They support important social movements like Black Lives Matter with donations while many other companies with a lot more expendable profits aren't saying anything or just post their support. I will always be a customer here."

Laura N.

"Pop Fizzion is an amazing company! Everyone is so friendly and the scent combinations they come up with are delightful. There's something for everyone! With so many Fandom references, you can find something for anyone on your list. Their products leave my skin and hair so soft, I can never go back to anything else. I recommend this company to everyone I know."

Sarah G.

“They have ruined me to all other lip balms. Theirs are so much more appealing both taste and scent-wise and they work way better than the commercial kind. I kind of feel like a crazy person for ordering lip balm that has to ship to me, but it’s too good to pass up.”

Raychelle N.

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