Seconds Quality Mystery Product


Don’t know what you want, but have some $$ burning a hole in your pocket? Too much choice for you? No problem. We have you covered! Just pick a price point and we’ll put together a box as close as we can to the value that you choose. We’ll take the decision right out of your hands.

Seconds quality may be seasonal that we’re clearing out from the previous season, slightly cracked/chipped, slightly underfilled (didn’t have enough to fill all the way, but mostly full!), a test paint (or a painted product that dripped when I was doing it!), a product that we’re testing in general, some whimsy I felt like making that day, or limited edition items that I don’t have enough of for a full run. Feel free to give a general idea of what you’d like or like to avoid in order notes at checkout.

Items will be calculated at a discount, and will still be fully functional and safe (may just not as pretty). This is the best option for the most bang for your buck!

Purchase this item and get 60-1000 Bubbles
Purchase this item and get 60-1000 Bubbles
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